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Hide details for Calendar & SchedulingCalendar & Scheduling
PDARCH8EA2Client - Calendar & Scheduling - Fixed an issue where opening an accepted rescheduled notice was resulting in the dialog "This meeting has been...
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
PDARCJ28GAiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where attachments were being lost when sending a calendar invite from iNotes or Verse to non-Domino users. ...
SIBNAAVCTEiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where a private calendar entry would appear as busy in the freetime/busytime information even though it was marked...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
SKUECLEGABClient - Client UI - Fixed an issue where trying to import an image into a rich text lite field (like the one in the Preferences for Mail Signature)...
ASHACFU276Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue where the unread count indicator on Workspace database icon was not updating when doing "Refresh Unread Count" or...
ASHECECD76 Client - Views - Fixed an issue with views where computed action labels would sometimes disappear from view if the view remained open in the...
DNADCLLU8BClient - UI - Fixed an issue where desktop icons would not be shown and client would become unusable due to a memory leak. This regression was...
SANECMGJE8Client - Mail - Fixed an issue in the Notes 64 bit client where MIME emails cannot be scrolled using the up and down arrows. This regression was...
Hide details for COMCOM
PALTCNCT29Programmability - COM - Fixed an issue where using Domino COM against a 12.0.2 64 bit Client is not returning the array of objects when it should be...
Hide details for CompactCompact
DCKTCP5QAKServer - Compact - Fixed an issue where compact was failing to cleanup a previous .tmp file
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
TSAOCKZCXMServer - Database - Fixed an issue where database corruption could occur in an ODS 55 database containing a very large number of...
DCKTCKKQWNServer - Database - Fixed an issue where running dbmt could result in the DAOS catalog going out of sync
PSHECLULWM Client - Embedded Views - Fixed an issue with embedded views where only the first category was being shown. This regression was introduced in...
SWASCLNS3WServer - Database - Fixed an issue where adding a textlist item to an ods55 database with large items enabled would result in an error if the...
Hide details for DebuggerDebugger
ASHECM2HSWProgrammability - LotusScript Debugger - Fixed an issue where the LotusScript debugger would fail to show variable values in the Variables tab of the...
Hide details for Directory ServicesDirectory Services
MOBNCL9JFSServer - DirSync - Added a DirSync option to fix an issue where rename person docs on a rename are still syncing lastname and firstname fields. This...
MOBNCKZLBEServer - Directory - Fixed an issue with Active Directory dir sync where if the attribute "mail" was not chosen as an attribute to sync, dirsync wlil...
MOBNCNVMZBServer - Directory - Fixed an issue with Active Directory directory sync where if the option "Field to map to shortname" is set, it was not being...
MOBNCPGKCHServer - Directory - Fixed an issue where the dirsync LDAP connection would not work correctly with some uses of round robin sprayers. This fix is...
MOBNCPPQEHServer - Directory - Fixed an issue where the userreport tool would not list users within a trusted secondary Notes directory.
SPAYCPF7M2Server - Directory - dirsync - Added a new notes.ini, DIRSYNC_ALWAYS_SYNC_INTERNETADDRESS, to address a dirsync use case where an Active Directory...
MOBNCHFHFQServer - DirSync - Fixed an issue where Dirsync was not using the Directory Assistance name mapping attribute for matching records


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